Bicycle Repair

The Bicycle Repair Workshop is in process of being set up as a permanent facility.

It is intended primarily to be a complementary service to theĀ Ramp Riders Mobile Skate Park, which provides bicycles and safety equipment on loan to many of the youngsters who don’t have their own.

Already, with relatively limited resources, we have undertaken something in the order of 600 repair jobs throughout the past year, but we believe we can achieve much more once we have improved facilities up and running.

In addition to the obvious advantage of maintaining our stock of bicycles and equipment in top-notch operational condition, the workshop also offers further employment opportunities. The local council has expressed interest in the possibility of providing practical training for young people of 13 years and upward who have been excluded from school.

We have been encouraged by surveys amongst young people who have used theĀ Mobile Skate Park, with more than 90% indicating an active interest in learning to repair and maintain their own bikes.

Establishing close-working relationships also helps to influence young people through more positive role models than many they may encounter on our streets.