Mentoring Services

We have fully qualified and experienced members of staff who are able to provide Mentoring and Befriending on a one-to-one basis. Many of our clients are dealing with substance abuse issues though we also have clients who are facing other types of life controlling problems.

We have the flexibility to meet with people on an informal basis and, when it is appropriate to do so, we can set up more formal sessions.

A particular feature of the way in which Project Freedom undertakes mentoring is that we continue to work with clients over extended periods. We often continue to work with people much longer than many other agencies and we are able to adapt our approach to suit the particular needs of individual clients.

Because we have received funding for this aspect of our work we are able to offer our services at no cost to our clients, which is of particular value to those whose lives have been devastated by substance abuse.

Although we do not currently have a dedicated facility where we can undertake our mentoring services, there are a number of hostels and other agencies in the St Helens area that are happy to offer this form of hospitality.

Our aim is to help people overcome life controlling problems so that they can go on to live healthy and meaningful lives. We mentor those with addictions and support people back into work and draw alongside people to help them through the difficult stages of their lives.


Our approach to mentoring is based on Christian Biblical principles, which we have found to be most effective in dealing with addictions and other of life’s problems,

This does not mean that our services are exclusive in any way. We welcome anyone in need regardless of religious affiliations, including those with none.

Our aim is simply to extend the love of God to everyone and anyone who has a need.