Project Freedom is already doing a tremendous work amongst those who are involved with substance abuse and those who may be tempted to experiment with it in one form or another.

However, our vision is for much more. Amongst the projects that are currently in the planning stage are:

More Charity Shops in neighbouring towns. These will deliver a number of benefits, including:

  1. Providing additional contact points for the services we offer in places where they are most needed.
  2. Offering increased employment opportunities at a variety of levels in conjunction with local employment agencies
  3. Generating additional funds for the primary task of mentoring and rehabilitation work.
  • Furniture Warehouse where we are able to store and restore furniture donations prior to selling them on through the shops or providing them to needy people who are setting up their first homes.
  • Permanent Centre with confidential offices for meeting with and mentoring those who seek our help.
  • Indoor Skate Park, with more extensive facilities to engage with youth and to provide healthy activities as an attractive alternative to anti-social behaviour.

We are always thankful for all offers of help and support for these projects, whatever form that may take.